The Highcrest Academy

our motto, vision & virtues

"Pupils at The Highcrest Academy happily live up to the school’s motto of ‘aspire and achieve’." Ofsted 2020

All who work at the academy, reference and reinforce our motto, vision and virtues, lesson by lesson, day by day, week by week, making them an integral part of our ‘Highcrest language’.   

Our Motto

‘Aspire and Achieve’

Our Vision

We work together, in a happy, caring and inclusive community, providing for students of all abilities, backgrounds and cultures, supporting their well-being and developing their characters, giving them every opportunity to aspire and achieve their unique academic and personal ambitions.

Our Core Aims

To help our students to, ’Aspire and Achieve’ their ultimate ambitions, we aim to provide…

Quality of Education
An acutely personalised inclusive curriculum that challenges students of all abilities and creates independent and autonomous learners who are physically, digitally and academically literate.

 Behaviour and Attitude
An environment in which students work in harmony, respecting each other’s rights and supporting one another in times of need, forging positive relationships and celebrating successes together.

 Personal Development
Cohesive systems that support self-discovery and the development of character that ensures our students become healthy, confident and responsible citizens that make a valuable contribution to society.

Culture, Leadership and Management
A diverse, safe and happy community, where staff love to work, students love to learn and all are given the opportunity to develop.

Our Virtues

At Highcrest, we have six virtues linked to the word, ASPIRE from our motto, Aspire and Achieve. These virtues are, Ambition, Sensitivity, Purpose, Integrity, Resilience and Eloquence. They help us build, develop and refine our students’ characters, whilst ensuring they are physically and mentally healthy, so that not only do they go on to become happy and successful members of our community, but also one day, happy and successful members of society. We embody, role model and teach our virtues at every suitable opportunity, helping us to develop characters, promote happiness and instill a culture of excellence that runs throughout every strand of our academy.


Click into each of the virtue buttons above to find out how students in each year group can develop their character.

On the table below we have mapped our virtues across every year group to ensure they are personalised and differentiated to both stage and age. This table, along with the differentiated year group displays (below), can be found within every student and staff planner and are positioned prominently in every classroom around our academy. This ensures our students fully
understand how each virtue can be demonstrated on a daily basis,


To view the full size documents, please click on the images above.

Reinforcing our Virtues through our Curriculum

Our curriculum Schemes of Work have been updated to ensure that our Virtues are referenced, discussed and explored at every suitable opportunity, meaning that all students are able to ASPIRE!

Reinforcing our Virtues around our Site

As you walk around our academy, you will notice that our virtues are further reinforced through a range of professional signage, positioned above doorways, within the corridors, on windows and even along the driveway!   

If you have these virtues, if you ‘Aspire’, you can and you will ‘Achieve’