The Highcrest Academy

Year 7 Admissions 2025

Pupils entering the Academy since September 2013 have been admitted following the ‘new’ Admissions Policy.

The Highcrest Academy is an All Ability Academy. This is a unique choice for parents in Buckinghamshire.  To achieve a balanced intake reflecting the ability of all students who apply, we ask all applicants to take a Banding Test, (Non Verbal Reasoning Test). Students will then be arranged in four bands, each representing 25% of the ability range as indicated by the Banding Test. Places will be offered equally to each band applying the criteria set out in the Admissions policy.

Banding Test Dates:

Saturday 22 June 2024 - 9am & 11am

Saturday 6 July 2024 - 9am & 11am

Saturday 28 September 2024 - 9am & 11am

Monday 7 October 2024 - 4.15pm

Tuesday 15 October 2024 - 4.15pm

Wednesday 6 November 2024 - 4.15pm

Please note:  These are the ONLY banding test dates available for the 2025 intake


Banding Test Form (Word)

Banding Test FAQs

Banding Test Information for Parents

Letter to Parents in Year 5
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