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UCAS Information & Support

UCAS is the process to apply for University Courses in the United Kingdom. This is all done online via a portal, and students create their own account, linked to Highcrest Academy at the end of Year 12. Students may apply for five courses and have to write a 4000 character 'Personal Statement' where they outline their interest in the subject they are applying for and why they wish to study it at university. The application form needs to be checked by 6th Form staff, a reference is added and then is sent electronically to each university you've applied to, who look at your application and then (hopefully!) make you an offer. The national deadline for UCAS is the end of January, but we try to send all applications off before Christmas of Year 13.

Those who wish to apply for certain courses (Medicine/Dentistry/Veterinary/Oxford or Cambridge) have an earlier deadline of mid-October. Some university courses require entrance exams, and you will need to research whether these apply to you and let the 6th Form Team know.

The cost of applying via UCAS is £27, and this is payable by the student upon submission of the form.

See below for some fantastic links and useful resources for those of you looking to apply to university.

  • UCAS – Where you apply to go to unversity.

  • The Student Room – The UKs biggest forum. A great place to ask questions!

  • Studential – A website designed to help with all things university.

  • Medschools – The representative body for the UK medical schools. 
  • Complete University - A guide and comparison of all Universities (UK and abroad).

  • Open Days - An up to date and comprehensive list of all university open days.