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transition 2024

Change can often bring lots of different feelings, from excitement to nervousness, as we come closer to something we haven’t done before. We understand those feelings and that is why we have an Induction Day when you will find out more about The Highcrest Academy and the staff who will be there to guide you through your new adventure.

We have high standards and expectations at The Highcrest Academy because to achieve your goals you will need to work hard in all your lessons. We have Core Routines that are followed by the whole school and all staff look to build positive relationships to help you Aspire and Achieve.

During the final half-term before joining the Academy, families will receive a weekly e-copy of our Transition Times which has been specially developed to give new Year 7 students a rich source of information about their new school. Examples from previous years can be found below.

There will also be an Induction Day that gives students an opportunity to experience school life at the Academy including meeting their Form Tutor and enjoying some taster lessons to really get a sense of what secondary school is like.

Transition Times 2024

Transition Times 21 June 2024: Issue 1

Transition Times 28 June 2024: Issue 2

Transition Times 5 July 2024: Issue 3

Transition Times 12 July 2024: Issue 4

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