The Highcrest Academy

Through the eyes of a pupil

On a daily basis our students will witness our commitment towards our vision and they will see it being evidenced through:

Our Staff...

  • Our staff being consistently consistent; fairly applying and reinforcing our Core Routines and setting high expectations for our students’ behaviour, conduct, attendance and punctuality.
  • Our staff providing a calm and orderly environment, both around the academy and within the classroom, that enables students of all abilities and backgrounds to be able to learn.
  • Our staff regularly using praise and utilising every suitable opportunity to celebrate both academic excellence and personal successes amongst peer groups and with parents.
  • Our staff using every suitable opportunity to explore our character building virtues, reinforcing them during pastoral time, lesson time and assemblies.
  • Our staff supporting our students to develop their character – including their Ambition, Sensitivity, Purpose, Integrity, Resilience and Eloquence, enabling them to enjoy and fully participate in their learning journey.

Our Teachers...

  • Our teachers planning and teaching courses that challenge students of all abilities, enabling them to remember knowledge over time.
  • Our teachers utilising a wide range of resources, including new technologies, to excite and stimulate our students thus creating positive learning environments that enhance their learning journeys.
  • Our teachers promoting discussion and checking students’ understanding, thus avoiding misconceptions and enabling them to adapt their teaching as necessary.
  • Our teachers and leaders using assessment to inform teaching and implement appropriate interventions that will help our students embed knowledge.
  • Our teachers providing formative feedback that enables our students to make progress over time.
  • Our teachers promoting the teaching of reading to help our students develop their self-confidence, eloquence and enjoyment of reading.
  • Our teachers using every suitable opportunity to explore and reinforce our virtues within lesson time.

Our Well-being Team...

  • Our pastoral team identifying barriers to learning and tailoring appropriate interventions to the needs of the students.
  • Our Inclusion Support offering a nurturing, quiet environment to support students who need an alternative approach to achieve success.
  • Our Heads of Learning monitoring progress and identifying opportunities to enrich students’ experience of school, encouraging their personal development.
  • Our SEND Team ensuring that targeted support is available for students who require it.
  • Our EAL Team working with students on both an academic and social level to ensure every opportunity is taken to immerse them into the English language.
  • Our Careers Officer supporting students and providing a wide range of opportunities throughout the school for students to discover their interests and possible future careers.
  • Our Mental Health Co-ordinator providing individual care and signposting.
  • Our teachers delivering a broad Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum within Life Lessons, enabling students to understand, consider and discuss relevant and sensitive topics based on factual information.
  • Our Form Tutors building positive relationships with their tutees and recognising when a student is struggling, as well as praising and encouraging achievements, endeavour and good character.
  • Our Designated Safeguarding Team ensuring that students who require additional support have a strong network around them, including a wide range of outside agencies.
  • Our multi-agency partners having excellent working relationships with our team and working with us proactively to create a holistic approach to personal development that secures 360-degree support for our students.