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Revision is an active process which involves grouping and connecting information, answering questions, recalling facts and testing your memory. An effective way to study is to connect new information to existing knowledge.

The benefits of effective revision are:

  • Revising helps you recall the topics, details and techniques you studied and learnt when necessary
  • Revising helps you build confidence in the tasks and techniques you have studied
  • Revising helps you discover your strengths, weaknesses and overall knowledge in these subjects 
  • Timely revision for studying helps relieve anxiety when it comes to taking an exam
  • Revising ensures students are well-prepared for examinations

Useful Links

Year 11 Examination Information Evening Presentation 2023
Finding work on Go4Schools
Study tips for Parents
Study advice for Parents
Online resources for students 
Revision Guidance
Revision Techniques
Student Guide to Exam Rules
Whole School Exam Week Information

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Cue Cards:



Look, Say, Cover, Think, Check:




Mind Map:




Pair and Group Work:




Past Exam Paper Practice:




Using YouTube Videos:




Resources for Learning and Reading Online

Revision Sites That You May Find Useful


Business BTEC Extended National Certificate

Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign:

Unit 3 Personal & Business Finance:

Business BTEC National Diploma

Unit 2 Developing a Marketing Campaign:

Unit 3 Personal & Business Finance ·

Unit 6 Principles of Management:

LA A: and



LA D: and and


Business GCSE

Child Development

How to IMPROVE coursework and DEADLINES - click here

Computer Science

Paper 1 revision video click here

Paper 2 revision video click here

GCSE revision Criag n Davis click here

Creative iMedia



Esports Level 2

Geography GCSE GCSE

Geography KS3


History GCSE

Paper 1

Paper 2

IT BTEC Level 2 and Level 3


Modern Foreign Languages

Click here for 'How to Revise'

Physical Education

Sport Studies R184 Road Map

Sport Studies R185 Road Map

Sport Studies R186 Road Map

Year 9 Revision List

Year 10 Revision List

PE Year 11 GCSE Revision Checklist Version 2

Year 11 Revision List

Combined Revision Booklet

Revision Guide: My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE (9-1) PE 2nd Edition

My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE (9-1) PE 2nd Edition

Religious Studies


A drop-in club is available every lunchtime in Sc1 for any student requiring help.

KS4 Useful Revision Links:





YouTube CrashCourse Biology

YouTube CrashCourse Chemistry

YouTube CrashCourse Physics

Physics Notes APP

Chemistrylab APP (GCSE and A-Level)

Biology APP

Required Practicals:

GCSE Science Required Practicals - YouTube

KS5 Useful Revision Links: