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LRC Newsletter - February 2024

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The library is a warm, lively, and welcoming space for all students. Our room houses both a large range of fiction and non-fiction books, as well as access to desktop computers and iPads, and tables for those who want to study or just be in the library.

Students can use the LRC from 8am before school, break and lunchtime and after school until 4pm. (3.30pm on Fridays)

Our stock of over 7,000 books is regularly updated and we welcome recommendations from both students and staff. Our range of factual texts is currently being revamped, making sure that it is up to date and relevant for our school community. We aim to stock the widest possible variety of authors and new books for our students to experience. Our range of graphic novels and manga continues to grow and remains very popular with students.

The Highcrest LRC currently has its own online library, giving access to an exciting range of ebooks for students. Each student is given a username and password to log onto the library, and they can borrow one book for up to two weeks. They can access the ePlatform and choose from over 1400 free books available to download onto a desktop, laptop, tablet, a Kindle Fire or even their phones. Click here to access the ePlatform.

We also recommend that students join their local Public Library as membership gives them access to a great range of printed and online resources beyond what can be offered at Highcrest.

The LRC also subscribes to the Bucks Schools Library Service which gives us access to specialist expertise and additional resources. The librarian is in constant contact with other librarians and book lovers, and are aware of popular trends in the reading community.

All Year 7 and 8 students have a library lesson every two weeks during which students are given opportunities to explore literature and gain new literacy skills. They are encouraged to discover texts that interest them and will develop their reading. 

The LRC is currently staffed by a full-time Librarian, who is able to offer support and guidance to students, both in their reading journey and finding resources to support their studies. There are also a number of student librarians across the year groups who are able to help their peers find books, do homework, or just chat.

For news about what is happening in the LRC this month, please see the LRC newsletter. This is sent out to students at the start of the month and is packed with ideas for reading, upcoming events, competitions and new arrivals. Click here to see this month’s edition. We look forward to seeing you in the LRC soon!

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