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The Highcrest Academy House System 2023/2024

The House System aims to help all students, staff and the wider school community to have an increased sense of belonging; to further increase Competition and Challenge and to increase student leadership – especially in the upper school.  






Our House Heroes

In September 2023, we introduced our new House ties as part of an overall upgrade to our House system, that was first introduced in 2015. As part of this upgrade, our Academy Council, who speak on behalf of all students to ensure they have a voice, expressed a desire to update the House names to a selection of individuals who are more meaningful and relevant to them. As a consequence, at the end of this academic year we will be saying farewell to a number of historical giants who have served us well over the past eight years;  Einstein, Nightingale, Austen, Da Vinci, Wordsworth, Curie and Galileo. In their place from September, we welcome seven phenomenal individuals from the Twentieth and Twenty-first Century who, for a range of associated work will inspire us to do better and be better. Our new House Heroes are: Pelé, Bilquis Edhi, Alan Turing, Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong, Frida Kahlo and Muhammad Ali. These House names now represent a new chapter in the school’s history and bring with them a host of exciting and new opportunities. 

Pelé, Blue House. Pelé an extraordinary footballer, ambassador for ecology and the environment and helped bring the Olympics to Rio in 2018. He said, "Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning,  studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do".

Led by Head of House, Miss Colmenero 

House Captains: A Devlin & A Jack

Edhi, Green House. Bilquis Edhi, a nurse in Pakistan, practically helped thousands of unwanted babies and is referred to as ‘The Mother of Pakistan’.  She remembers her mother giving her two pennies, “Spend one on yourself and give the other way”.

Led by Head of House, Miss Hall

House Captains: A Ali, E Collins, R Gohar & A Shahmard

Turing, Orange House. Alan Turing is widely credited for his contribution to  the start of modern computing and breaking the Enigma code, shortening  World War II. 

He said, “We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done”.

Led by Head of House, Mr Geddes

House Captains: T Khan, N Sharp, M Ahmed and M Cruickshank-Shaw 

Parks, Pink House. Rosa Parks famously refused to give up her seat and her campaigning earned her the accolade of ‘mother of the modern day civil rights movement’. 

She said, “I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free … so other people would be also free”.


Led by Head of House, Miss Sanghera

House Captains: A James, S Khan & A Shah

Armstrong, Purple House. Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, serving his country with great humility as a navy fighter pilot, test pilot and astronaut.  He said, “I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don’t  intend to waste any of mine”. 


Led by Head of House, Mr Nawaz

House Captains: M Serir & A Waudby

Kahlo, Red House. Frida Kahlo struggled with her health, but used her time spent in hospital to learn to paint, becoming one of Mexico’s greatest artists. She said, “Fall in love with yourself, with life, and then with whoever you want”.


Led by Head of House, Miss Bibet

House Captains: B Beecham O'Garro & P Sinnappu

Ali, Yellow House. Muhammad Ali earned his nickname ‘the Greatest’ as a professional boxer, but willingly sacrificed all his boxing titles to stand up for what he believed. He said, “Don’t count the days, make the days count”.


Led by Head of House, Mr Jones

House Captains: A Abbas & A Ford

House Competition Schedule 2023/2024

 W/C 2 October  PE and English Department Competitions
 W/C 6 November  Art Department Competition
 W/C 8 January  Technology Department Competition
 W/C 5 February  EAL and MFL Department Competitions
 W/C 4 March  Maths, Art and Science Department Competitions
 W/C 6 May  Humanities Department Competitions
 W/C 3 June  Drama/ Music and Business & IT Department Competition

Charity House Schedule 2023/2024

 W/C 30 October  Kahlo Red Fundraising
 W/C 20 November  Edhi Green Fundraising
 W/C 8 January  Ali Yellow Fundraising
 W/C 22 January  Parks Pink Fundraising
 W/C 19 February  Turing Orange Fundraising
 W/C 11 March  Armstrong Purple Fundraising
 W/C 15 April  Pele Blue Fundraising

House Shield Winners 2022/2023


Academic Year Winning House
2022/2023 Nightingale
2021/2022 Einstein
2020/2021 Nightingale
2019/2020 Nightingale
2018/2019 Wordsworth
2017/2018 Curie
2016/2017 Austen
2015/2016 Einstein


Previous House Competitions 2021 to 2023