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Year 8 Asdan

Year 8 ASDAN

Year 8 students not studying Modern Foreign Languages study an ASDAN course. ASDAN is a curriculum development and awarding organisation that provides qualifications and the development of key skills for young learners. Year 8 students at The Highcrest Academy follow the ASDAN Personal Development Programme; Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.


The completion of the course enables students to develop skills in the following areas:

  • Development of planning and timekeeping.
  • Students learn how to successfully review their progress.
  • Development of teamwork, independent learning skills, problems solving, functional Maths skills, English and ICT.


Students following the ASDAN Personal Development Programme complete 13 modules. Students are set work from their own course guide book and must compile a portfolio of evidence to show what work they have completed including the planning stages. Students gain one or two credits for each section completed. Credits represent about 10 hours of activity. Students are encouraged to complete as many sections as possible to achieve their potential. Six credits are needed to achieve Bronze, 12 credits for Silver and 18 credits for Gold.

Curriculum Map

Curriculum Map ASDAN Year 8

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