The Highcrest Academy

professional development

“There is a wide range of CPD opportunities for staff and different levels to access the knowledge and pedagogy in regards to more able learners. Senior and Middle leaders are committed to ensuring their staff have been equipped with the skills to enable them to support the cohort” NACE

This is an innovative approach to delivering personalised Continuing Professional Development. A schematic concept, derived and inspired by the London Underground tube map, that has revolutionised training at our academy. 

Our staff, or rather our ‘passengers’, choose their ‘destination’, the ‘lines’ they wish to travel, and the ‘stops’ they want to alight. ‘Travel zones’ have been added to better help passengers plan their ‘route’. 

This is a concept that gives all staff, not only teachers, the opportunity to personalise their CPD, dependent on both their professional development targets and their career aspirations.

Below is the CPDW information booklet that gives details about each travel zone and a full timetable for all the mini twilights planned for the year ahead. We ensure our CPDW programme is always personalised, effective and beneficial for all staff.

CPD Information Booklet 2023/2024


We tailor our CPDW programme so that all staff are equipped with requisite and up to date skills. Please watch the short video below for further information.