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School Day And Term Dates

At Highcrest we work on a 2 week timetable; Week A and Week B.  Whilst the lessons change from 1 week to the other, tutor time activities will remain the same to ensure a consistent and calm start to the day.

The aim of our tutor time programme is to ensure students are settled, ready for the day ahead and have both the correct uniform and correct equipment to ensure they can have a day of disruption free learning.

Morning registration lasts 20 minutes and students are expected to read independently and in silence (students in Year 11 and Sixth Form can use this time to revise independently) .  As well as developing their own reading and literacy skills as well as a love for reading, we feel that simply by having this quiet time will ensure that students are focused and in the right mindset ahead of the day.

The only exceptions to this plan are on days where students have an assembly or a careers session.  Assemblies are held weekly and led by either the Head of Learning, the Head of House or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.  The assemblies are primarily based around our ASPIRE virtues but tailored to meet the year groups needs.

Careers sessions run once a fortnight, on a Week B during Friday registration.  These are organised and led by our careers lead Ms Wildey and will have a specific focus, often including inspirational talks from former students who have gone on to achieve greatly since leaving Highcrest 

Students also have a 10 minute PM registration every day; this is time given to the form tutor to catch up with the students about their day, to share any notices for the following day and to follow up on any concerns linked with behaviour or attendance.

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