The Highcrest Academy

Reporting Student Absence

Please call 01494 529866 and press 1 for attendance

A student’s academic progress is closely linked to good attendance and punctuality.

The school expects parents to play a full and responsible part in ensuring that their child attends school regularly and is on time in the morning.

Click here to read if I should send my child to school today.

All unexplained absences are followed up through the Educational Welfare Officer and Head of Learning, who also tracks punctuality.

A student who is late to school will make up the time at the end of the school day.

Permission will not be granted for holidays taken during term time, a practise which disrupts students’ learning and teachers’ planning. Parents will be required to sign a home school partnership agreement to this effect.

If you do wish to take your child out of school, please click here to complete the Holiday Request Form (pdf format) or click here (Word format).

Please also read the Academy's Attendance, Absence and Punctuality Policy which details fixed penalty notices.

Please call 01494 529866 and press 1 to report your child sick or absent.