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Our Ofsted Report – March 2020

“Pupils at The Highcrest Academy happily live up to the school’s motto of ‘Aspire and Achieve’”.

When OFSTED visited us for our most recent inspection in March 2020, they judged us to be ‘Good’ in every aspect of everything that we do.

The report gave a very positive overview on what it is like to be a pupil at the academy. Indeed, even within their obligatory areas for improvement, Ofsted acknowledged that these areas had already been identified by the academy and were already in the process of being improved.

We believe this positive report was a reflection of the hard work, dedication and teamwork of students, staff, governors and parents and had meant that over the past three years, we have been able to continue to move forward, providing a wide range of both curricular and extracurricular opportunities for our students.

We were all so pleased, but not surprised, that the inspectors spoke so positively about our students; the statements about our students included:

  • “Pupils at The Highcrest Academy happily live up to the school’s motto of ‘aspire and achieve’”.
  • “Pupils respond well to teachers’ high expectations and are encouraged to try their best and support each other”.
  • “Behaving well in lessons and around school is the norm for pupils”.
  • “Around school, pupils get on well with each other”.
  • “Pupils feel safe in school and understand who they should talk to if they are worried about something”.
  • “They are enthusiastic learners. Many pupils relish presenting their knowledge or opinions to the rest of the class, or taking part in interesting debates”.
  • “Pupils are extremely positive about their school”.
  • “Pupils also feel listened to. Some join the school council so that they can represent others’ opinions.

Other comments included:

  • “The school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”
  • “Clubs and activities outside of school time are popular. School productions and plays attract many willing pupils, as do after-school clubs.”
  • “Pupils enthusiastically join sports teams and attend clubs such as science and drama clubs or football and netball teams.”
  • “Leaders have worked hard to improve the curriculum. In most subjects, curriculum leaders have sensibly set out when pupils will learn subject content and the knowledge they should acquire.”
  • “Leaders and governors base all their decisions on how they can provide pupils with a high-quality education.”
  • “Teachers’ strong subject knowledge helps them to plan interesting lessons. They explain concepts and knowledge to pupils very clearly. As a result, pupils increasingly remember more over time.”
  • “Students benefit from teachers’ adept explanations and a well-planned curriculum.”
  • “There is an ambitious curriculum in the Sixth Form. Students achieve very well in their A-Level examinations. They also do well in the BTEC National Diploma courses that the school offers.”
  • The school’s extended curriculum makes sure that pupils have a wide range of opportunities.”
  • “There is an extensive careers provision between Year 8 and Year 13. Pupils have access to impartial careers advice. They also take part in events involving leaders from local and national industries.”
  • “The school’s high quality careers provision means that pupils are well prepared for the next stages of their education.”
  • “Staff feel very well supported by senior leaders. According to staff, they feel valued because senior leaders are approachable.”
  • “The arrangements for safeguarding are effective.”
  • “Leaders ensure that staff receive effective safeguarding training.”
  • “The school has a strong safeguarding culture where every member of staff takes responsibility for pupils’ safety…This ensures that vulnerable pupils, and particularly looked after children, get any extra help they need quickly.”

Ofsted Report February 2020:

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Ofsted Report March 2016:

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Challenge Partner Reports

Despite receiving such a positive Ofsted report, not content to simply rest on our laurels and wait for our next inspection, we have taken it upon ourselves to invite in a former Chief Ofsted inspector to scrutinise our provision each year. You will see in his reports below that he believes we continue to move in the right direction.

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