The Highcrest Academy

Challenge Partner Reports

“The quality of education remains very strong. There is a clear and compelling ambition for all pupils to do well and be well”.

Despite receiving such a positive Ofsted report, not content to simply rest on our laurels and wait for our next inspection, we have taken it upon ourselves to invite in a former Chief Ofsted inspector to scrutinise our provision each year. You will see in his reports below that he believes we continue to move in the right direction.

Post Ofsted Reports

Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 14 June 2023

Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 22 June 2022 

Pre Ofsted Reports

 Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 18 June 2019 

Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 20 June 2018

Dr Peter Daw's Visit: 8 June 2017

Dr Peter Daw's Visit: 17 May 2017

Dr Peter Daw's Visit: 1 February 2017