The Highcrest Academy


We are committed to making sure that students of all abilities are challenged …”

I am delighted to be able to welcome you to The Highcrest Academy.

We are a vibrant, happy school in which every student is given the opportunity to develop their talents and to flourish as individuals. Your child’s education is as important to us as it is to you and we are relentless in our pursuit of building a cohesive culture and curriculum that matches the varied needs of our students.

Our motto, ‘Aspire and Achieve’ is central to our philosophy. We are committed to making sure that students of all abilities are challenged and able to make outstanding progress, both academically and in terms of their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Indeed, we value a strong work ethic and aim to develop, sometimes hidden or unsuspected talent, into fruition.

We have a series of six virtues linked to our motto: Ambition, Sensitivity, Purpose, Integrity, Resilience and Eloquence. These virtues help us build, develop and refine our students’ characters, so that they don’t only go on to become happy and successful members of our community, but one day, happy and successful members of society. All who work at the academy reinforce these virtues, lesson by lesson, day by day, week by week, helping us instil a culture of excellence that runs throughout every strand of our Academy.   

Here at Highcrest, we are committed to setting high expectations for the conduct of our pupils and believe it is crucial for there to be an established culture in which all are able to excel. We want all the children who come to the academy to enjoy their learning and to become thoughtful, articulate, confident and responsible members of society.

Our personalised curriculum is enhanced by numerous extra-curricular opportunities, community and business projects, national and international competitions and a thriving House System. This encourages staff and students of all ages to work together.

Our website will give you a brief insight into our ethos and our work. I would, however, encourage you to arrange a visit so you can see for yourself what makes The Highcrest Academy so special. 

G D Burke | Principal

Glen Burke       

Click into each of the virtue buttons above to find out how students in each year group can develop their character.

A Welcome from our Head Girl

I am deeply honoured and excited to stand before you as the new Head Girl of our wonderful school. It is with immense pride and humility that I accept this role, and I want to express my gratitude for the trust you have placed in me.


As we embark on this academic year, my commitment to serving you is unwavering. Together, we can make our school a place of excellence, growth, and inclusivity. I am eager to listen to your ideas, work collaboratively, and ensure that each voice is heard.


This school strives for excellence in academics, embracing diversity, and creating a nurturing environment where every student can flourish.


Thank you to The Highcrest Academy for this incredible opportunity. Let's make it a year filled with achievements, camaraderie, and personal growth. 



A Welcome from our Head Boy



Welcome to The Highcrest Academy, a place where every single student is cared for by the amazing members of our staff and motivated by our motto of “Aspire & Achieve.” Our focus at the academy is to make sure all the students are well prepared for the world, by developing their skill sets, both socially and academically, allowing them to accomplish extraordinary things.


This is all possible thanks to the variety of courses, each tailored to fit different teaching styles that students require. As well as a range of extracurricular activities such as clubs, various school trips that are course related and for leisure, in conjunction with The D of E Award. However, this is not only limited to KS3 and KS4. Activities for Sixth Form are better programmed to prepare pupils for the world of work, like the Bridge to Employment programme that runs in partnership with J&J, and Young Enterprise. Not a day goes by without recognizing the hard work of pupils and their accomplishments. Whether it be within lessons through positive reward points or school-wide events such as Student of the Week and Celebration of Excellence.


Having started my journey only in Year 11 and going this far is only thanks to the opportunities that were provided and the friendly nature of the academy. I cannot emphasize enough how encouraging the support from teachers and peers can be. I am truly honoured to be the Head Boy at this marvellous school that places students' needs and success before anything else.  

A Welcome from our Chair of Trustees

Welcome to the Highcrest Academy and thank you for showing interest in our school. Within the pages of this website, we promote our commitment to deliver an inclusive, high-quality learning environment that will be truly supportive of your child’s needs.


At Highcrest, we ensure our pastoral care and personal development are important elements of our offer. By developing a character curriculum which is deep-rooted within our educational one, we work together to inspire our students to be successful, caring and joyful contributors.  


We sit at the heart of a diverse community, that can face great challenges but also shows great resilience, sensitivity and talent.  We hold our students and their families central to our purpose and actions, an example of which is working with them to develop the virtues of the school, and these are now embedded in the daily landscape of their experience.


Our Board of Trustees, which consists of Parent Trustees and Community Trustees, includes people who are knowledgeable and caring, with a wealth of experience, and reflective of our community. We take a collaborative approach to ensure we put the safety, welfare and education of our students first. Collectively we are well-placed to provide support to the Principal and his leadership team, while challenging them to ensure accountability, compliance and strategic clarity. We continuously review our impact and strive to make The Highcrest Academy a happy place to celebrate success, express the best version of ourselves and learn how to learn.


As Chair, I endeavour to keep you up to date with the work of the Board of Trustees. However, if you wish to contact me directly to discuss any matters, I can be reached at 


 Our Objectives:

Our Vision & Virtues

Challenge Partner Reports

Despite receiving such a positive Ofsted report, not content to simply rest on our laurels and wait for our next inspection, we have taken it upon ourselves to invite in a former Chief Ofsted inspector to scrutinise our provision each year. You will see in his reports below that he believes we continue to move in the right direction.

Post Ofsted Reports

Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 14 June 2023

Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 22 June 2022 

Pre Ofsted Reports

 Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 18 June 2019 

Mr Ralph Batten's Visit: 20 June 2018

Dr Peter Daw's Visit: 8 June 2017

Dr Peter Daw's Visit: 17 May 2017

Dr Peter Daw's Visit: 1 February 2017