The Highcrest Academy


“Leaders and Governors base all their decisions on how they can provide pupils with a high-quality education. “  Ofsted, February 2020

The Highcrest Academy is supported by a team of Trustees who can be contacted through the school, a list of Trustees can be found below.

Our Trust Structure

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Meetings and Agendas 2023/2024

Agenda of AGM of the Members of The Highcrest Academy Trust: 1 March 2023

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Minutes from Trustees' meetings can be requested from the school.

Reports and Financial Statements

Trustees' Report & Financial Statements 2021-2022 - click here

Trustees' Report & Financial Statements 2020-2021 - click here

Trustees' Report & Financial Statements 2019-2020 - click here

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Impact Reports

Trustee Board Spring 2022 Impact Report - click here

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Trustee Board 2020-2021 Impact Report - click here

Articles Of Association

Academy Articles of Association - click here

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Other Important Links

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Pecuniary Interests of Trustee

The Trustees of The Highcrest Academy are required to complete an annual Declaration of Pecuniary Interests.

Copies of these declarations are inspected annually by the appointed Auditors.

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Value for Money Statement


Academy Trust Company Number: 07633379

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