The Highcrest Academy

our Character Development

Our character development virtues are an integral part of our ‘Highcrest language’ and ethos.

Our aim is that they help students of all ages and abilities to refine and develop their character, ensuring that they become both successful members of our community, and indeed, society.

Differentiated by year group mapping…

On the table below we have mapped our virtues across every year group to ensure they are personalised and differentiated to both stage and age. This table, along with the differentiated year group displays (below), can be found within every student and staff planner and are positioned prominently in every classroom around our academy.

Every adult in the building uses every suitable opportunity to reinforce our virtues - lesson by lesson, day by day, week by week - helping us to instil a culture of excellence that runs throughout every strand of our academy. 


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If you have these virtues, if you ‘Aspire’, you can and you will ‘Achieve’