The Highcrest Academy

Highcrest Audible

Audible For All - The newly introduced Highcrest Audible initiative.

Here at The Highcrest Academy, we pride ourselves on our versatile and enigmatic strategies in teaching and learning, and the Highcrest Audible is one of the many ways we engage our students with the art and enjoyment of reading. 

Together with our Literacy Lead, Ms Chapman, we have created a collection of audio readings that transcend across the curriculum and an array of topics to interest all students.  

Each week, one form time session is dedicated to 15 minutes of relaxation and literature, with our students being read to from an abundance of different styles and forms. There are always 2 audibles, one fictional extract or poem and the other an article, that connect to the weekly topic. 

We hope you enjoy and can appreciate the cultural and academic wealth that your children can gain from each session.

Dragon Story Competition Winners:

History of World Book Day:


Time Travel Article:

The Time Machine:

The Shadow of the Wind:

The Roaring 20s:

The People that Danced Themselves to Death:

The Great Gatsby:

The Dance Tree:

Sun, Moon and Talia:

Fairytale Article:

Frida Kahlo Article:

Breathe by Becky Hemsley: