The Highcrest Academy


“Staff collectively share a clear commitment to the safeguarding of the pupils at the school.”  Assessor LA Safeguarding Audit:  November 2023

At The Highcrest Academy we are committed to Safeguarding and meeting the needs of children and young people.

This page provides you with useful information for when you visit our academy, to ensure you understand what is expected of you whilst you are on our site. On arrival, when you enter our reception, you will be handed a leaflet, which includes all of the following information. It is both your duty to be aware of its contents and to use the information to take action as and when necessary.

Please also refer to our Child Protection Guidance page here and safeguarding page for further information, advice and guidance.

Signing In and Out

Please sign in on arrival using the iPad on the wall to the left of our reception counter. You will be given a visitors’ badge that you must wear at all times. Please also ensure that you remain with your host at all times, unless we have DBS clearance for you. On departure, please ensure that you sign out using the same iPad and return your badge to a receptionist.

Fire Assembly Point 

The fire alarm is the continuous ringing of the alarm siren. All occupants must leave the building immediately via the nearest route. Our Assembly Point for all visitors is the west side tennis courts. If you are alone, please follow the crowd and/or a member of staff will direct you. Please remain at the assembly point until you have been informed that it is safe to return to the building.  


The full lockdown signal is a continued intermittent alarm siren. If the signal sounds, please shelter silently in the nearest room, locking doors and closing blinds. Please remain where you are until a member of staff or a member of the emergency services informs you that it is safe.

Use of mobile devices

You must not use your mobile phone or any other mobile devices whilst onsite to record, take photographs or access social media without first seeking permission.

Reporting Accidents

Any illness, injury, accident or near miss must be reported to the academy office, our Matron or any member of Academy staff.


We ask you to please respect that our academy is a ‘No Smoking/Vaping’ site. Smoking/Vaping is not allowed on the premises at any time, either in the building or the grounds.

Access to the Internet

All users of the academy system must comply with the ICT Policy and YouTube guidelines. Please ask our Network Manager or any member of Academy staff for details. 


At THA, we believe all our pupils have a right to grow up safe from harm.