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"Clubs and activities outside of school time are popular. School productions and plays attract many willing pupils, as do after-school clubs". Ofsted, February 2020

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PE Clubs 2023/2024

Sports fixtures, clubs and trips form a big part of our PE offer here at Highcrest. It is important to us that we offer a comprehensive extra-curricular programme where students have the opportunity to further explore activities, and should they wish to, enjoy the competition element amongst other schools in the District. 

PE staff at Highcrest believe that sport plays a significant part in the development of the child and are committed to enhancing physical confidence, promoting life skills and enjoyment and supporting healthy futures through sport and physical activity.

Please click here for further details about attending clubs and guidance on what to expect should your child be picked to represent the school in a sports fixture.


School Trips

The Highcrest Academy supports learning outside the classroom and we organise many school trips.

We believe extra-curricular activities enhance learning and help students to gain confidence and skills in diverse areas.  We offer over a hundred before-school, lunchtime and after-school clubs and activities.  The Sports Hall, Dance Studio, Technology, Performing Arts, ICT and classroom facilities are used extensively to host a range of activities.  In addition, Highcrest offers a variety of educational journeys which help to support academic and personal learning.

The Academy aims to promote a positive attitude towards sport, exercise and a healthy lifestyle by offering a wide range of extra-curricular activities which cater for individual and collective needs. All pupils are encouraged to actively participate in the abundant variety of enrichment activities on offer.

The Young Enterprise Company programme and The Duke of Edinburgh Award are well established activities within the academy.

Last academic year over 60 trips took place in all year groups, all were a success.

There are many school excursions including: WW1 Battlefields (History), Disneyland Paris (Drama), Naples (Geography), Bletchley Park (IT), the Wycombe Law Courts and London theatre trips as well as reward trips, such as national theme parks and Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland. 

Trips can be memorable and exciting experiences for students but safety is always our primary concern. The Highcrest Academy remains part of the BCC ‘Evolve’ network of trip booking and monitoring and the Visits Co-ordinator and Assistant have attended updated training, The Highcrest Academy has full insurances in place. Click here to view our School Trips Policy and parents are welcome to view our procedures for booking and approving trips.

Please note that all parental permission slips are tailored to the individual trip and therefore should you need an emergency reply then please use the downloadable letter below, but preferably contact Mrs S Stokes for the specific return letter.

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Educational Trips January to March 2020

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