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early career Teachers (ECT)

The first two years of teaching are not only very demanding but also of considerable significance in the professional development of the new teacher.

From 2021, under statutory guidance from the DFE, the induction arrangements for ECT (Early Career Teachers) will follow the ECF (Early Career Framework). To ensure the appropriate guidance, support and training, our academy has opted for a full induction delivered by Best Practice Network – one of the designated training providers in England.

The programme will enable an ECT to form a secure foundation upon which a successful teaching career, fulfilling their professional duties, can be built.

Being an ECT at The Highcrest Academy means that your become part of the school community and you will receive the following statutory entitlements: 

  • The necessary employment tasks, experience and support to enable them to demonstrate at least satisfactory performance against the relevant standards throughout, and by the end of, the induction period
  • An appointed mentor, who will have qualified teacher status (QTS) and an induction tutor
  • A reduced timetable to allow them to undertake activities in their Early Careers Framework induction programme
  • In the first year a 10% reduction in the second year a 5% reduction should be timetabled when compared to our existing teachers on the main pay range
  • Be assigned to an external provider for the Early Careers Framework
  • Regularly teach the same class or classes
  • Take part in similar planning, teaching and assessment processes to other teachers working in similar posts 

For more information about the Early Career Framework, please see:

For more information about Best Practice Network – our Lead Provider:

For more information about ASTRA Alliance – our Delivery Partner: 

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