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ASDAN Personal and Social Development

A very small number of students require a more bespoke curriculum at Key Stage 4 and for these students we offer the ASDAN Personal and Social Development Programme at Level 1. The SENDCo, working in collaboration with the Head of Learning and parents, will identify students who may require this adaption to their Option Pathway. The course is run by a qualified Learning Support Assistant.

Year 9 ASDAN from September 2024 click here.


PSD is designed to nurture belief, engagement and creativity in education over a two-year period. Learners will:

  • Become confident individuals who are physically, emotionally and socially healthy.
  • Be responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society and embrace change.
  • Develop skills problem solving and build resilience.


The course is credit based and learners are assessed at the end of every module to ensure their work meets the required learning objectives. They are required to earn 8 credits to pass the course and earn their Level 1 Award, some students may progress onto Level 2. Each module is internally moderated and once the course is complete, students work will be externally moderated by ASDAN for quality control.

Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map ASDAN Year 9

Curriculum Map ASDAN Year 10

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