The Highcrest Academy

Religious studies


Our knowledge-rich curriculum will inspire students to become theologians and philosophers who can make critical and balanced judgements about questions of meaning and purpose through developing religious literacy in terms of vocabulary and conceptual understanding. Our teaching and learning will ensure students acquire an in-depth understanding of the core vocabulary and theological beliefs of the Abrahamic religions and understand how these beliefs influence religious believers in their daily practice. They will be taught how to explore faiths, secular views, respond to philosophical issues and make ethical decisions, providing them with the theological, philosophical and ethical knowledge to apply their learning to contemporary issues within modern society in their GCSE study.

Years 7 & 8

In Year 7 students have a detailed introduction to Religious Studies.

They start by looking at why we study religion and why it is an important subject. An overview of world religions is taught and these religions are then looked at in more detail in other terms across KS3. Students will undertake an in-depth study of Islam and an independent research task on Christianity and study Hinduism in the summer term.


In Year 8 students develop their knowledge of religion considering what it is to be religious, focusing on one of the six main religions and also looking at the difference in morality. This year sees opportunities for students to ask some big questions in religious studies and look further at religious beliefs.

Years 9,10 & 11

Over the three year GCSE, student's have the opportunity to look at religion further with an in depth study of Islam and Christianity.

Key beliefs and practice are covered with an emphasis on practical lived experience. Pupils will receive a Full GCSE.

Years 12 & 13

We are offering A-Level Ethics and Philosophy this year for the first time and intend to grow the subject.

We will be studying the AQA specification, more details available by following the link below: