The Highcrest Academy

KS3 Mathematics

Upon arrival, students conduct a baseline test which is used with their KS2 data to set on an appropriate pathway. There are three tiers that follows part of the five-year Pearson GCSE curriculum plan.  During this time regular topic tests and other test consolidate new knowledge, committing it to long term memory and tracking student’s progress regularly. This scheme of work currently spans both Year 7 and 8 with a formative mixed topic assessment at the end of each term. Following each of their three exams, pupils will receive personalised feedback on their performance detailing their successes and areas for development. The assessments we use are produced by Pearson specifically for KS3 pupils.

Students are actively encouraged to attempt all problems and possible solutions discussed and compared as a class. Students identified as possible ‘Higher Tier’ candidates are encouraged to make links between topics and exposed to mathematics in more complex contexts. Students can move between tiers to ensure constant progress and needs of students are met.

Pupils will receive a variety of creative and skill-based homework tasks which will be published on Go4Schools. Extending pupils' learning outside the classroom is particularly important and we would encourage parents to involve themselves in their child's homework and actively promote the importance of being numerically literate in everyday life.

Pupils are also encouraged to meet any Maths teacher every day after-school to support their learning. This can also help to gain confidence with topics that they may find more challenging. There is a dedicated member of staff in charge of targeting and supporting students in each year group.