The Highcrest Academy


We are a welcoming and vibrant faculty who have created an environment where every child matters and strives to achieve their full potential.

The Humanities Faculty is one of the largest faculties in The Highcrest Academy where all members are keen, enthused and motivated to pave the way for pupils to aspire and achieve.

The Humanities Faculty play a pivotal role in delivering the spiritual, moral, social and cultural values within The Highcrest Academy curriculum. All members of the faculty are dedicated towards making sure that all pupils acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding in becoming global citizens of the 21st century.

The Humanities Faculty aims:

1 To equip pupils with an understanding of the social, political and economical nature of their own and other societies.

2 To help develop in students a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs applicable to the societies that are studied.

3 To give students a greater understanding of themselves, their environment and of man’s heritage and culture.

4 To help students gain an awareness of the diversity of human values, sensitivity towards people living within the different spatial, temporal and socio-economic and cultural contexts as preparation for responsible participation in our multi-cultural society.

5 To encourage active and collaborative involvement in the learning process which will enable students to develop decision-making skills and responsibility for the planning and direction of their work.