The Highcrest Academy

Art & Photography


The Art Department is made up of two Art teachers. We pride ourselves on having very high expectations, and providing an exciting and innovative learning environment.

The schemes of work aim to challenge and inspire all learners in Art. We constantly review and improve our projects to ensure that pupils are engaged, learn new skills and develop independence and creative thinking. Key Stage 3 groups explore three projects over the course of the year...

Year 7

Introducing the formal elements.

Students will analyse the artwork of a variety of artists and will learn how they effectively used colour theory.

Observational drawing is an integral component of art. Often, drawing is the core method of researching, investigating, developing and communicating ideas.

Colour is one of the fundamental elements of art.  It is important for art students to not only be exposed to colour theory, but to understand it. 

Year 8

Building on observational drawing skills and understanding the use of colour and pattern in more depth.

Studying the work of other cultures and craftspeople to understand symbols and traditional cultural influences.

Introducing new techniques, experimenting with new media and working with card or clay to form 3D sculptures.


Pupils in Year 9 who opt to take Art will complete a diverse range of workshops centered around three projects (one per term).

GCSE students will have five lessons over the two week timetable and will build up an extensive skill-set working in media from sculpture to printmaking to textiles and fine art.

Term 1  - Natural Forms and Still life.

Term 2 – Everyday objects – Food and Drinks:  3D Sculpture project

Term 3 – Exploring other cultures.

Year 10/11 KS4 GCSE ART

Students will take an independent approach to their GCSE project and devise a topic to investigate.

In Year 10, students will begin their investigations looking at influences from a range of artists who are specific to the project theme, and then eventually link this to their own interests.  This theme will be explored and developed using a wide range of skills and techniques reflecting the style of both contemporary and historic artist links. The pupils will produce an exciting and original portfolio of work that reflects the four assessment objectives.


Pupils who opt to take Art Graphic Communications will complete a diverse range of workshops centered around a range of graphic design disciplines.

These include:

  • Branding and Logo development
  • Posters and Adverts
  • Illustration
  • Typography
  • Packaging Design
  • Design for Print (including Magazines and Newspapers)
  • Infographics and Communication Graphics
  • Signage

Students will explore a range of traditional graphic techniques through printing as well as digital design packages such as Photoshop, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo.

The pupils will produce an exciting and original personal portfolio in reflection the four assessment objectives.


Pupils who opt to take Photography will study a range of different styles and techniques and cover the following disciplines: -

  • Studio photography
  • Experimental imagery
  • Location photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Photo Journalism

Examples of projects students may complete include Learning the Basic Principles of Photography, Experimental Self Portraits, Photographic Alphabets, How to create a Digital Portfolio and Photo Editing using Photoshop.

Key Stage 5 (A Level)

Students in Year 12 will begin a project based upon the theme of Surface and Texture which will lead to an independent investigation into artists of choice and development work.

In Year 13, students choose their area of focus for the Contextual Study and produce work relating to that theme.


We run Art Clubs at lunchtime and after school.

We welcome all students to these clubs and enjoy having a range of ages working together. We also invite exam students to attend coursework surgery sessions after school to ensure that they achieve their highest possible grades.

Art Exhibition

We hold an annual Art Exhibition of GCSE and A Level work in the summer term.

This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our Art students.

Rewards & Competitions

We run various competitions throughout the year, both internal and external, to maintain the level of challenge for our learners including our annual Christmas Card Competition.

We run a month-long series of competitions in the month of October as part of our house system including ’30 Day drawing challenges’ and our ever-popular Halloween themed House Competitions

Suggested Websites The Highcrest Academy Art page - Useful glossary of terms and advice on techniques step-by-step videos – search the technique you want help/advice on. - lots of articles and advice from teachers and students. Includes lots of examples of very high-quality art portfolios from all over the world. Perfect inspiration for Year 10 and 11