The Highcrest Academy


Our vision is for every student to have seamless access to technology, so that they are able to safely access a range of educational apps and resources, that support their work both in lessons and at home.

We are confident that the use of such digital devices will enhance this blended learning approach, enabling your child to produce the very best work that they can.

We want to provide each and every pupil with their own personalised learning device which they can use at school and at home. We know that for parents, making an investment in technology isn’t always possible. If the technology is available at home, it may not be suitable to bring it into school, in case of issues with security and compatibility. In order to provide seamless access to technology, we have partnered with Freedom Tech to launch the 1:1 Student Laptop Scheme.

For more information on the 1:1 Student Laptop Scheme, please contact Mr J Clarke at