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Academy Council

The Academy Council is made up of the Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy, Deputy Head Girl and two representatives from each year group.  Representatives from individual year groups are selected by the students in that Year Council having been nominated by students in their tutor group.  The students meet as an Academy Council twice per half term and with their Year Councils twice per half term.  The Council is the voice of the student body at Highcrest and are involved in a variety of events throughout the year, such as helping organise and run charity events including Comic/Sports Relief and Children in Need.  The Council will also meet to discuss ideas that they have.  Last year, the Academy Council were involved in the following:
  • The complete overhaul of the school planner across all key stages
  • More benches in social areas for students to sit on
  • The introduction of a hot chocolate machine in the canteen
  • Choosing the Academy charity of the year
  • Choosing which catering company would be running the canteen

Prefect Team

We have two Prefect teams at Highcrest - one group made up of Year 11 students and one made up from students in the Sixth Form.  The students in Year 11 are involved in day to day activities at Highcrest with the aim to help them develop their leadership skills.  All Year 11 Prefects are First Aid trained and have also attended leadership courses.  The students who can be identified by their black ties with the red Highcrest crest are asked to undertake one lunchtime duty on a weekly basis; half of them acting as supervisors around the site and half of them working with specific departments, helping to run clubs for students across all year groups.  All students will get the opportunity to experience both roles throughout the year as both allow them to develop in different ways.  All Prefects are role models for their peers and will represent the school in events such as Open Evening where they will act as a tour guide.  
The Sixth Form Prefect team is much smaller than the Year 11 team and is made up of students from both Year 12 and Year 13.  The Sixth Form Prefect teams main role is to support in departments, during registrations, at break and lunchtime and at school events such as Open Evening and Celebration of Excellence.  All Prefects in the Sixth Form are First Aid trained and can be identified by their red lanyard with “Prefect” embossed alongside the Academy crest.
The Senior Prefect positions of Head Boy and Head Girl (Year 13 only), Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl (Year 11 only) are decided at the start of the year following a whole Academy vote.  Any Prefect is eligible to apply for the position, which they must do so in writing by the end of the first week back in September.  Mrs Bowden will then discuss their applications with their relevant Head of Learning and three students for each position are put forward to speak to the whole school who will all vote as they leave the assembly via the polling boxes.
Each year we encourage all students to think about and put themselves forward for the role of a Prefect at Highcrest.  Students can apply for this role via an application form which is available to all following an assembly led by their Head of Learning.