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The Highcrest Academy supports learning outside the classroom and we organise many school trips. Last academic year over 53 trips took place in all year groups all were a success. Trips can be memorable and exciting experiences for students but safety is always our primary concern. The Highcrest Academy remains part of the BCC ‘Evolve’ network of trip booking and monitoring and the Visits Co-ordinator and Assistant have attended updated training, The Highcrest Academy has full insurances in place. Our School Trips Policy is available at The Highcrest Academy and parents are welcome to view our procedures for booking and approving trips.

Please note that all parental permission slips are tailored to the individual trip and therefore should you need an emergency reply then please use the downloadable letter below, but preferably contact Miss L Newsholme for the specific return letter.

Educational Trips September to December 2018

Educational Trips February 2018 to July 2018

Educational Trips September 2017 to February 2018

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