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Maths Department

Highcrest has an outstanding Mathematics Department; the staff strive to facilitate the attainment and progress of pupils and we are proud of our recent results. We are well aware that achieving high-quality GCSEs is of paramount importance to our pupils.

What we aim to achieve with students

We endeavour to provide all pupils with an understanding of Mathematics in an enjoyable and relevant way so as to initiate and enthusiasm and interest for the subject to enable pupils to use mathematics in real life problems.
We as a department believe that “every child has a right to understand and apply mathematics outside the classroom”.  We aim to:

  • Extend and stimulate gifted and talented pupils, encouraging them to think independently and apply Mathematics to many different solutions.
  • Motivate pupils who simply enjoy solving mathematical problems.
  • Encourage and assist pupils who struggle with mathematical concepts and will need their numeracy skills in the future.

We believe in using ICT, encouraging mathematical discussion, and allowing pupils to experience their mathematics. We provide opportunities for pupils to read aloud, with focus on meaning and punctuation as well as clear pronounciation.

We encourage our students to: talk, actively listen, think together, read for meaning, use writing as a tool for thought and problem solve. 'I can do statements' are used as written evidence.

The courses we run

At KS3 the course seeks to reinforce and develop the skills learnt at KS2 whilst preparing students for a three-year approach to the GCSE; this course starts at the beginning of Year 9.  Pupils work in a variety of styles which are aimed at challenging and motivating individual students and developing their thinking and problem solving skills.

At KS4 we currently follow the EDEXCEL linear course which involves students taking two calculator and one non-calculator paper at the end of year 11. There is a 2-tier entry at Foundation and Higher.

At KS5 we follow the Edexcel AS and A Level in Mathematics. 

KS5 Students are studying the following modules:

  • Core 1
  • Core 2
  • Core 3
  • Core 4
  • Mechanics 1
  • Statistics 1

We also offer Edexcel AS and A Level Further Mathematics, consisting of the following modules:

  • Further Pure 1
  • Further Pure 2
  • Further Pure 3
  • Decision 1
  • Decision 2
  • Mechanics 2

We now also offer the Edexcel Core Maths: Maths in Context Level 3 course. This is a 2 year examined course.

Core Maths is about students doing meaningful mathematical problems to increase their confidence in using mathematics to be better equipped for the mathematical demands of other courses, higher education and employment.

Core Maths is the new Level 3 qualification for students who achieved at least a Grade 4 (formerly a Grade C) at GCSE mathematics and wish to develop their practical skills so they may apply these in work, study or everyday life.

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