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In This Section

At the Academy we will mentor and support our Higher Prior Attainers (HPA) students encouraging them to reach their full potential.  At GCSE, AS and A Level we will be addressing individual needs in a way that removes barriers to achievement by engaging, motivating and inspiring the students, which in turn will help increase the percentage of A*-A grades.
Throughout the school we will be encouraging the students to assess their progress and potential using teacher feedback and also peer and Self-Assessment; this is important to HPA students because it encourages and empowers them to become more involved in, and responsible for their learning and also helps to establish better and more productive relationships with peers and teachers.  This will help them to develop objectivity, which they can then apply to their own work, and focus them on setting aspirational targets. Students will take part in the Widening Participation Programme; helping to develop key independent research skills.
With the support of subject teachers the students will be set challenging projects that will stretch them both intellectually and socially working with other students within the school as well as outside agencies such as universities, student ambassadors and key local community workers to raise aspirations and give a firmer understanding of the key knowledge for future pathways. This will take the form of group work and also 1:1 mentoring culminating with a celebration of the student’s achievements at the end of the year.

Curriculum Opportunities for hPA Students

Spanish in addition to French in Years 8 and 9 to move into Year 10 next year.  There are currently four groups of Top Set students doing Spanish this year. Many of these students are the most able in their cohort. A few already expressed their desire to chose MFL as a GCSE option for next year.

Our HPA pupils start their Triple Science in Year 9 and we run a Science club for HPA students, especially in Year 7 and 8.  Last year we took HPA students to Salters Festival of Chemistry at The Reading University and Rutherford Appleton Labs in Oxford.

Early AS and Extra AS and A Levels

Any HPA student can request to take an AS qualification early.  This will usually take place in Yr11 and could then lead to them taking the A Level exam for that subject in Yr12.

HPA students are welcome to request to sit extra A levels, this will be decided after a meeting with the Head of Sixth Form, Head of Curriculum the students  their parents.  Our students who have gone down this route have been successful in achieving a Grade B and above in all A Levels sat in their exam season.

Further Maths

The students in the top set Year 11 maths class are given the option to study for a Level 2 Further Maths qualification. At AS and A2 students can also take Further Maths.  At this level they complete two of their modules online, this helps to promote independent study skills.  Parts of the course will be studied at Oxford University. 

Monthly HPA Workshops

Workshops and club are organised for the students to extend their classroom learning.  These sessions are run by various staff members.  The sessions are very interactive and give the students additional insight to other learning experiences.   Topics covered include:
  • Chess Club
  • Young Reporters
  • Young Writers
  • The History and Future of the Universe
  • Research and Information Literacy Skills
  • Philosophy: Free Will and Determinism
  • Be CEO for the day!
  • What’s in the news?
  • Maths in the real World