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Attainment and Progress

Years 7 to 9

The DFE has recently removed the National Curriculum (NC) Levels of attainment that many parents would be familiar with. The Highcrest Academy has decided to track pupil progress in relation to their eventual GCSE target grade.

At the first Academic Review pupils will be given a GCSE target grade for each subject based on KS2 data, other external tests and teacher assessments during the first term.  This target will be verified by an independent body, the Fischer Family Trust (FFT). We will then report to parents if their child is below, at or above this target.

Pupils’ work will be given a 9 to 1 Predicted Final Grade (PFG) based on what we would expect them to achieve at the end of Year 11 if they continue to work at their current level. This does not mean that a Key Stage 3  pupil being awarded an ‘9’ grade would actually attain an 9 at GCSE at that moment, however it does mean that if they maintain their current progress and effort, they are likely to achieve a 9 grade at the end of Year 11. Marks for individual assessments are likely to vary as different topics are covered but they will be aggregated into the summary of progress against individual targets reported to parents as the predicted final grade.

Year 10

GCSE grades (9 to 1) are given as ‘current projections’ ; this does not mean that the student would achieve the grade if they took the exam at that moment but what they are projected to achieve assuming they maintain their current progress and work ethic. The One Year courses taken in 2017 will retain the old A* to G grades.

Year 11

English and Maths use the new 9 to 1 grades, all other courses retain A* to G.

Year 12 and 13

GCE (A Level) grades (A* to E) or BTEC Pass/Merit/Distinction are given as ‘current projections’; this means not what that student would achieve if they took the exam at that moment, but what they are projected to achieve at the end of the course, assuming they maintain their current progress and work ethic.


This is graded 1 to 4 with 1 being the lowest.

1 = Very poor or little effort made.  2 = ‘Just adequate’ but must be improved.

3 = Good effort and application.    4 = Outstanding effort and application.

Reporting and Assessment Calendar

Late October: the first Academic Review Day. Progress and Effort data reviewed with parents and  form tutors and targets set for the year ahead.

December: Years 7 to 9 written reports are sent home at the end of term.

December: Mock Exams Y10 (1 Year courses), Y11 and KS5.

February: Years 10 to 13 written reports with mock results.

February: Retake mocks (Sixth Form) and second mock exams (Year 10 and Year 11).

March: Second Academic Review Day.

May: External Exams begin.

July: End of Year Summary Reports and End of Year Test results.