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Sixth Form Admission Policy 2019/20

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Admission Guidance:

  • The Highcrest Academy Sixth Form is currently oversubscribed and so we strongly recommend applying by the application deadline date (15 February 2019). However, we are still accepting applications after this date.
  • Students applying to The Highcrest Academy Sixth Form should have a strong work ethic, high aspirations and a commitment to achieve.
  • Students must agree to abide by the Highcrest Mission Statement and be prepared to serve the community to uphold and develop this ethos.
  • Highcrest students must agree to comply with all school rules and regulations.

Admission number:

  • The numbers admitted into the Sixth Form are determined by places available on the various courses and the required combinations of individual students.
  • Of the places available in Year 12, many are taken by our Year 11 students; however the School actively recruits externally.
  • Offers are made with a view to achieving this level, but are finally decided by set sizes and personalised targets.

Admissions arrangements:

For those joining the Sixth Form in September 2019

The Highcrest Academy offers post-16 opportunities for young people who can benefit from study at this level. The majority of those in the Sixth Form will transfer from the main the school and will need to reapply through a formal process. An application for the appropriate course(s) will be required. We also expect to be able to accommodate some external applicants.


We plan to admit fifteen additional students to Year 12 each year. The exact number will, however, depend partly on the availability of places on particular courses of study.

Academic Criteria

All entrants to the Sixth Form, both internal and external, will be required to have obtained the relevant academic entry requirements as follows:

1. All of our subjects have additional entrance criteria but to study, A level students must achieve at least 25 points from 5 best GCSEs, or for BTEC 20 points from the best 4 GCSEs.  To access level 2 courses, students require at least 12 points from best 4 results and a 3 or above in English and a 2 or above in Maths.

2. All courses' entrance criteria can be found on the Sixth Form section of the website under the “Courses Available” and “Sixth Form Entrance Criteria” tab.

Oversubscription Criteria

For obvious reasons there will be no banding arrangements for Sixth Form entry. Otherwise, if there are more qualified applicants for Sixth Form places (on a course by course basis) the Year 7 numbered oversubscription criteria will be applied.


The procedure for joining the Sixth Form is as follows:

  • Open Evening – November
  • Subject Survey carried out by all Y11 students – December
  • Option blocks released and applications open – January
  • Applications close – 15th February
  • Pre Enrolment Interviews – April to June
  • Sixth Form Taster Day – July
  • Enrolment Interviews – August

If additional spaces on courses are still available, they will be allocated in this order:

  • Any Highcrest student who has gained the entry grades and has requested to have their application reviewed, will be admitted wherever possible.
  • External applicants who have requested to have their application reviewed will then be admitted based on the Oversubscription criteria outlined above until courses are full.
  • If places remain, applicants with the required entry requirements making direct contact with the School post-results will be considered and admitted based on the Admission and Oversubscription criteria outlined above until courses are full.